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Rational Minds Operational Technology Cyber Security

It has become a fact of life: cyber threats now come from organized, specialized groups that target the weakest links in the industry. Their aim is to achieve specific geopolitical objectives or maximize profits with a minimum amount of effort. If you want to secure your products and systems against cyber attacks, we’re here to help.

Operational technology security: Our strong suit

RMDS specializes in operational technology (OT) cybersecurity, no matter the market. We work at the intersection of information technology (IT) and the systems that act on our immediate environment, such as vehicles, heavy machinery, and industrial controllers. We ensure that security and safety go hand in hand. Whereas IT systems and their configurations can be physically protected in a secured area, OT systems can be accessed either on the premises (e.g., industrial machinery) or by purchasing similar equipment through resellers. This makes it easier for attackers to access your product or a product you are using, either to steal its content or to stage an attack. We can assess and secure your systems before they come knocking. We have the expertise to help protect your products and facilities.

Securing the embedded world

OT technologies are largely composed of numerous embedded systems with a high level of complexity of interconnections. The threats and the techniques to analyze them often differ from those in the field of informational technologies and require specialized expertise. Our experts can help you understand the risks to the product you create or use through rigorous testing, prioritize, and help mitigate risks.

With expertise in embedded components, our experts assess the cybersecurity level of your devices to guard you against attacks.

Our services include:


Risk analysis


Coaching and support during the implementation of a Security-by-Design approach


Penetration and deployment tests on your products


R&D for embedded cybersecurity technologies

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